Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use GearLode?

Anyone can use GearLode! On our Why GearLode page, we've shared some ideas we have about ways that the following groups can benefit from GearLode: retailers; rental companies; schools; pawn shops; film, video, and television production companies; prop houses; marketing and advertising firms; entrepreneurs; and musicians. Maybe you can think of other ideas!


How much does it cost to use GearLode?

We are currently offering a discount off our standard transaction fees! Renters are currently charged a transaction fee that is 3% of the rental fee. Owners are currently charged a transaction fee that is 3% of the rental fee. Owners are also charged a service fee that varies based on the transaction details, but generally ranges between 1% and 3% of the rental gear's value depending on the length of the rental duration in any given rental period up to six months. Each party sees its respective fees before finalizing the transaction, so there are no surprises. To better understand how the fees are collected, check out our How It Works page.


What payment methods does GearLode accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Renters must provide at least one credit card, and Owners must link at least one bank account to their profile. That's it! Check out our How It Works page for more detail.


What kind of gear can I list on the site?

It's difficult for us to imagine any instrument or music equipment that we would not permit you to list on the site. You should be good so long as your listing complies with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


How concerned should I be about my gear getting broken, lost, or stolen?

Our Gear Protection Plan addresses instrument and equipment damage, loss and theft incidents that might be experienced by our users. It is applied automatically to any gear listed for rent. Learn more here.


What if my gear is worth more than $50,000?

If you have gear that is worth more than the limit of our Gear Protection Plan, you may want to take advantage of or other escrow services to provide additional protection for your transaction by requiring a security deposit. GearLode does not endorse any particular escrow agent, so do some research and use the one that you think will work best for you.


Is there a risk that I won't be paid my rental fee?

When you receive a rental request, the credit card of the prospective Renter has already been authorized for the required amount. When you accept the rental request, the card is charged, and one day after the start of the rental period, the money due to you is scheduled for deposit in your bank account. It's that easy. Read more about the process on our How It Works page.


How do I know if a user is trustworthy?

GearLode's rating system allows users to rate and leave feedback about their transactions and interactions with other users. The ratings and feedback may provide useful references if you're unsure about the reliability of other users. Plus, GearLode allows users to update their profiles with links to social media accounts, as a way to provide additional information about themselves to other users. GearLode does not endorse the use of any social media outlets, so use and rely on them only if you find them helpful.


What if I have a question or a concern that's not addressed by the materials on the website?

We want your GearLode experience to be a great one. If you have any concerns or questions, or just want to give us feedback, please contact us using the site's "Contact Us" page.